• Dubbed “the South’s favorite snack,” boiled peanuts can be found in concession stands, convenience stores and other food service industry channels across the U.S. To help McCall Farms’ food service customers more easily access 6lb (2.72kg) cans of the delicacy, 十博软件下载 developed a unique variation of its 603 diameter (153mm) easy-open end.

    McCall Farms boiled peanuts
  • For Canadians, the food can is an iconic packaging format and is synonymous with their favorite maple syrup. Dominion & Grimm, a prominent syrup producer, and 十博软件下载 have worked together for more than 50 years to bring this Canadian staple to market.

  • Customers of French Market Coffee have always associated the brand with its signature red coffee can, which harkens back to the company’s original Coffee and Chicory label introduced in the late nineteenth century. 十博软件下载 partnered with the brand to refresh its packaging, bringing new life to the classic steel can design.

    French Market Coffee food can
  • “We Can” may seem like an odd tagline for a food manufacturer, but McCall Farms is proud of its long-standing relationship with food canning, which dates back to 1954. Since the very beginning, 十博软件下载 has supplied metal cans for McCall Farms’ wide portfolio of southern-inspired vegetables sold across the United States.

    McCall Farms food can